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Computer Hard Drive Destruction Services

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Protecting Your Information with Data Destruction

Hard drive destruction, recognized as the most secure and reliable method, is essential to safeguard your sensitive information effectively. When you choose hard drive shredding, you take a proactive step to protect your data from unauthorized access and potential breaches. This meticulous process entails physically damaging the storage components of a device, ensuring that any data stored on it becomes permanently irretrievable. It’s the paramount choice for businesses and individuals seeking robust data security solutions.

The Hard Drive Destruction Process


We arrive onsite at your location.


Serial numbers are recorded for documentation.


Digital devices are physically destroyed.


Certificate of Destruction is sent to you.


Electronic waste is properly recycled.

Why Choose Sicher, Inc.?

At Sicher, Inc., we are committed to being the foremost choice for hard drive destruction services. Our core mission is to deliver unmatched security and peace of mind through our specialized on-site hard drive shredding solutions. We excel in ensuring the complete and irreversible destruction of sensitive information, offering a transparent, secure, and reliable service to all our esteemed clients. When you choose Sicher, Inc., you’re placing your trust in experts who prioritize your data security above all else. Make us your trusted partner for superior hard drive destruction services, safeguarding your valuable information with utmost precision and care.

Benefits of Hard Drive Destruction

Complete Data Security

Hard drive destruction guarantees the complete and irreversible destruction of data stored on the hard drive, ensuring that it cannot be recovered by any unauthorized individuals. This safeguards your sensitive information and mitigates the risk of data breaches or identity theft.

Compliance with Regulations

Many industries, such as healthcare, finance, and legal sectors, are bound by specific regulations like HIPAA, FACTA, and SOX. Hard drive destruction services ensure compliance with these regulations, allowing organizations to meet their legal obligations regarding data protection and privacy.

Protection of Sensitive Information

Hard drive destruction serves as a robust safeguard for sensitive information, including financial data, personal records, and confidential business data. By permanently destroying the hard drive, it eliminates the potential for unauthorized access or misuse of such critical information.

Environmental Responsibility

Hard drive destruction serves as a robust safeguard for sensitive information, including financial data, personal records, and confidential business data. By permanently destroying the hard drive, it eliminates the potential for unauthorized access or misuse of such critical information.

The Destruction Process

Arrive on-site at your location

Shredding your digital devices on-site is important for a number of reasons:

  • Witness: See first hand your devices being destroyed for maximum security.
  • Compliance: The FTC enforces industries to comply with the Proper Disposal Law to prevent data leaks.
  • Control: Ensure that everything has been shredded before leaving your sight.
  • Time-saving: Avoid the hassle and security risk of transporting the drives to a different location.

On-site hard drive shredding provide a higher level of security and control over the destruction process.

Documentation of your devices

Keeping accurate documentation of your devices, including part numbers and serial numbers, is an essential step for the hard drive destruction process. Having a clear account of destroyed hard drives is essential in safeguarding sensitive information and meeting data protection requirements. Documenting device’s identity provides a clear record that the proper steps have been taken to destroy the target data and that it has been properly disposed of.

Shred your devices

Sicher, Inc. will destroy your Computers, Laptops, Hard Drives, Solid State Drives (SSD), LTO Tapes, Cell Phones, and Tablets including iPads and iPhones. Security is our top priority, and we will ensure that your data is safely destroyed whether you are residential or an enterprise level customer. We specialize in the destruction of computer IT equipment to ensure that your needs for data disposal are met.

Certificate of Destruction

A certificate of destruction is an important document because it represents evidence of a secure and compliant data destruction process. It includes information such as the date and time of the destruction, the type of data and media that were shredded, the serial numbers of the devices, and the method used for destruction. The certificate demonstrates the commitment to data security and confidentiality, which is critical for businesses and organizations that handle sensitive or confidential information. It is important to keep for your records because it could be used to verify the destruction of the hard drive at a later date if necessary.


Recycling electronics is important for several reasons. Firstly, it conserves natural resources by reducing the need for new raw materials to be mined and processed. Secondly, it helps to reduce the amount of electronic waste that ends up in landfills, which can have negative impacts on the environment and human health. Thirdly, electronics contain toxic materials such as lead, mercury, and cadmium, which can leach into the soil and groundwater if not disposed of properly. By recycling electronics, these toxic materials are safely and responsibly handled, preventing potential harm to the environment and human health. Lastly, recycling electronics can also help to recover valuable materials and reduce energy consumption, contributing to a more sustainable future.